Ultimate FPS Animations Kit (5.1)

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Are you looking for a complete FPS pawn with a good amount of weapons and animations? You’re at the right place! This pack contains a Full FPS Pawn and 22 Weapons to go along with it and a lot more!

All 22 Weapons include an animation for
Fire ADS
Idle to run
Idle ADS
Jump Start
Jump Loop
Jump End
Reload ADS
Reload Empty
Reload Empty ADS
Run to Idle
22 Weapon models
6 Assault Rifle
3 Snipers
3 Side Arms
4 Shot Guns
5 Submachine Guns
1 Melee

True FPS Character
This pack includes a full functional True FPS pawn with locomotion.

Separated Body and Arms
If you wanted to make a Traditional fps without legs, You can easily accomplish it by hiding the body mesh.

Weapon Switching System
Switch between Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon and Melee

Weapon Drop and Pickup System
Pick up and Drop weapon seamlessly as of in games like Valorant and CS-GO

A simple UI to show Ammo and A Advanced Crosshair that expands according to your velocity and recoil.

Shell drops and Mag drops
Every weapon has a Projectile based Shell and Mag drops

Weapon Sway
A fully procedural Sway System.

And More
Procedural Animation offset for Body
Bullet Projectile
Notify Based Camera Shake
Some SFX
Sniper Scopes
Bullet holes
Knife Decals
Bullet Spread on Hip fire
Blend spaces for Idle, Walk and Run

Technical Details
For Support, you can contact me
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
IK bones are included: Yes
Number of Animations:544
Supported Development Platforms: All
Number of Characters: 2
Animation Type: In Place



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