The Vegetation Engine (v8.4.1)

Version v8.4.1Link 1 | Link 2
Version v8.2.0Link 1 Link 2
Version v8.0.0Link 1 Link 2
Version v7.2.0Link 1 Link 2
Version v7.0.0: Click Here

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Technical details
○ Features
✓ One-click Scene setup
✓ One-click Prefab conversion and revert
✓ Automatic Mesh, Material, and Textures conversion
✓ Prefab Converter Presets and API
✓ Prefab Settings Presets and API
✓ Comprehensive Scene Debugger
✓ Full source code included
✓ Set the Material setting for multiple prefabs at once
✓ Save and reuse the Material settings
✓ Easy to use Hub to switch render pipelines or add shader features
✓ Regular Prefabs, Meshes, and Materials output after conversion
✓ Prefabs can be placed as Scene GameObjects or Terrain Trees
✓ GPU Instancing support for elements
✓ Book of the Dead demo scene included
✓ Dynamic Wind and Turbulence
✓ Dynamic Vegetation Interaction
✓ Dynamic Seasons
✓ Global Overlay (Snow, Sand, Dust)
✓ Global Wetness
✓ Global Distance-based Size Fade
✓ Element Shaders for detailing and customizing motion interaction, motion flow, motion direction, wind power, tinting, overlay mask, wetness mask, size and leaves amount (Mesh and Particle support)

○ Shaders
✓ Amplify Shader Editor graph included
✓ Amplify Base Function with over 50 options to create your own shaders with the options you need and the optimizations required for your project!
✓ Standard and Subsurface Lit optimized shader models
✓ Foliage, Grass, and Cross vegetation shaders
✓ Layers to choose what elements affect the material
✓ Emissive maps support for all shaders
✓ Camera Distance fade support
✓ Glancing Angle fade support
✓ Flutter Motion fade out support
✓ Grass Motion highlight tinting support
✓ 3D Noise and Gradient Tint support for the vegetation shader
✓ Grass Perspective Correction when viewed from the top
✓ Grass Baked Pivots support for correct bending and interaction with large meshes
✓ Bark shaders with vertex paint and height based blending support
✓ Props shaders with vertex paint and height based blending support
✓ Props shaders with top/down projection and height based blending support
✓ Deferred Subsurface approximation support!
✓ Forward high-quality transmission Subsurface support!
✓ Batching support for all shaders (with limited features)!
✓ Forward and Deferred support
✓ VR, Perspective, and Orthographic support
✓ SRP Batcher and DOTS Instancing support
✓ Zero Global Keywords used
✓ Opaque and Transparent render modes
✓ Default, Mirror, and Flip Normal modes (Identical to HDRP materials)
✓ Front, Back, and Double-Sided cull modes
✓ Alpha and Premultiply blending support
✓ Alpha Cutout support


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