SAV Aikaterine Dress

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Super conforming Dress for V4,
Earrings and Bracelet smart props.

The Dress Include V4 Morphs++, Elite, GND 4,
and many adjustment and styling morphs.
Also 4 skirt Handles for Easier movement and styling.

!!!Please note:

1.The Outfit contain ADJ morphs for the extreme posing
or the high valued body shapes, these you help you
to fix any poke through problem you may have.

2.Remember to select V4 character before load the Outfit to the
scene,for super conforming feature to work.

3.In the pack included, 2 versions of the Dress, Super conforming
and manual Morphing.

4.The Outfit By Default,made for use with
the Push Up Bra V4 INJ morph.
If you dont wish PushUp style morph, Use the Dress Morph Dial,
PushUP Off.

5.When you using the Dress on Girl Next Door 4 by Blackhearted,
Dont use the PushUp Bra V4 INJ morph included in my Pack,
The GND Dress Morph made for GND 4 and WonderBra Morph,
included in Blackhearted’s Girl Next Door 4, pack.
You need To Load GND4 and her WonderBra Morph!

6.The ‘Emaciated’ morph created for use, without the
PushUp bra, please dont load the PushUp V4 INJ morph included
in the pack, when you using this morph.


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