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This Pro Pack was created to help you create the best good-looking visual effects for your game/project. Contains instances from each Master Material which makes it fully customizable and easy to use. Each Post Process Material contains at least one example (Instance) and also 34 Look-Up Table files (LUT).
Also, this pack contains a bonus material, a stylized water material.

Technical Details
The Master Materials are commented and clean, easy to understand.
Each Master Material has parameters, so you can tweak them in an Instance Material.
Optimized for PC (Not sure if it works well on Mobile Phones or Mac).
Some of the materials are animated.
The textures are placeholders, you can replace them easily if you want to.
This pack contains more than 80 parameters to change in total.
Number of Unique Effects: 76 (30 Instances and 46 LUTs)
Number of Materials: 22
Number of Instances: 30
Number of Textures: 46 (34 LUTs and 12 Material Textures)
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes


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