POLYGON – Elven Realm (4.25, 4.27, 5.0, 5.2)

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◼ Key Features◼
Over 700 unique assets
Modular building system, including cliffs and waterfall
Includes detailed demo scene

Synty Studios™ presents: POLYGON – Elven Realm
Tucked away from the grasp of non-magical beings, nestled between the mountains, lies Elven Realm, the celestial kingdom.
Powered by the Bloom of Runes, the elven folk rely on this as a ward, a power source, weapon enchantment, and a portal to connect them between lands.
As the mystical energies align, are you ready to weave magic for your players in the lunar realm of POLYGON – Elven Realm?

◼ Assets◼
Characters (x11)
Commoner Female, Commoner Male, King Male, Knight Male, Nobility Male, Priestess Female, Queen Female, Rogue Female, Scholar Male, Soldier Female, Soldier Male.

Character Attachments (x51)
Including Ears, Hairs, Helmets, Capes, and Crowns.

Buildings (x279)
Including a base set of building pieces with 3 styles of each roof for curved or straight designs, including: Balconies, Standard and spiral stairs, Ceilings, Doors, Floors, Pillars, Railings, Trims, Trellises, Alcoves, Walls, Windows, etc.

Props (x139)
Including Flags, Statues, Tables, Chairs, Couches, Beds, Rugs, Vases, Fountains, Flowers, Lanterns, Lamps, Crates, Desks, Pot plants, Shelves, Tents, Bundles, etc.

Items (x49)
Including Elixirs, Glasses, Musical Instruments, Letters, Quills, Spell books, Test Tubes, Wax seals, etc.

Environment (x137)
Including Bushes, Rocks, Cliffs, Hedges, Leaves, Mountains, Bridges, Trees, Vines, Waterfalls, Footpaths, Flowers, Pebbles, Grass, etc.

FX (x19)
Including Auroras, Candle flame, Fire, Wisps, Waterfalls, Rune doorways, Snow, Leaves, Magic lights, etc.

Weapons (x37)
Including Bows, Daggers, Axes, Swords, Staffs, Shields, Hammers, etc.

Vehicles (x3)
Boat, Carts


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