Parkour Race – Multiplayer Game Template – Platformer Party Game (5.0, 5.1)

Asset Version (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version (5.0): Click here


Welcome to Parkour Race! 🏃‍♂️💨
Parkour Race is a fun 100% Multiplayer Blueprint Party Game Template – Make your way across moving platforms, jump pads, rotating beams and bridges that suddenly open. The first player to pick up the trophy is the winner! 🏆
Trailer video
✅ Parkour Race is a beginner friendly, Plug & Play multiplayer party game template that gets you right into action! 😀 Give your game development journey a boost by seeing how Parkour Race is realized.
⛰️ Build your own unique game using the Parkour Race gameplay template 🚀
🟦 Easily create awesome and challenging platforming levels using a wide variety of included blueprint actors and modular world assets.

This template includes:
Full Gameplay Template
Multiplayer gameplay logic
Complete match flow logic (Countdown, Spawning, Gameplay, Winner announcement, Repeat)
Replicated gameplay actors
Modular level building assets
Main menu setup
Multiplayer session setup (Host, find & join games)
2 example levels

Advantages of Parkour Race:
Best practice multiplayer blueprint code (GameMode, GameState, PlayerState, PlayerController, Character, Widgets)
Optimized multiplayer blueprint setup
Well commented for easy understanding
Lean and structured

Product features:
Multiplayer Gameplay logic
Complete match flow logic (Spawning, Gameplay, Winning, Repeat)
Replicated gameplay actors
Collision based Ragdolling system
Checkpoint respawn system
Player spawning system
Player spectating system
Randomized gameplay character (Color and Gender)
Names above player heads (when within certain distance of each other) (Screen space widget)
In game Pause Menu (Continue, Leave game, Settings, Quit game)

Main Menu:
Host, Find & Join sessions
Simple modular Main Menu setup
Host game widget
Find game widget (Server browser)
Join game widget
Simple basic settings menu included (Window mode, Resolution, Graphics quality, Audio Volume)

Dynamic Confirmation Pop-ups
Loading screens
Error Handling included (Network errors, Travel errors)
2 example levels included
Prototype materials included (Grid, Colors, Fresnel)
Basic audio setup implemented
Basic save game system
Handy function library


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