MFP: Multiplayer First Person

Version 2.1.7: Click here


*This asset requires Photon PUN 2*
For developers who want to save time in creating the foundation for its new multiplayer project or seeks to learn about how to implement networks in their project MFP is a Multiplayer first-person kit that comes with all the basics and some advance Network systems to start with any type of game, as MMO, RPG, FPS, Coop, Racing, Open World, etc …
The kit contains from the basic network implementation as the player’s synchronization up to vehicles and world items carrying synchronization.
It is simple to understand and modify, everything is completely customizable.

– 3 example network vehicles: Car, Jet and Buggy.
– Vehicles passenger seats.
– Enter and Exit vehicles (including in passenger seats).
– Vehicle Damage System.
– Complete Lobby menu.
– Photon PUN 2 networking solution.
– Player Selection.
– Pick Up System over network.
– Multiplayer Doors.
– Multiplayer gates.
– Player Damage System.
– Kick Player.
– Room Chat.
– Lobby Chat.
– Move Platforms.
– Spawnpoint screen menu.
– Change server region to 13 different regions.
– Multiplayer in-game feed panel.
– Mecanim Animation for TP View (Network player).
– Buggy with 3 seats example.
– Advance synchronization over network.
– Factor Areas.
– Master Client authoritative room logic.
– Photon Raise events.
– Unity Events.
– Photon statistics.
– Professional UI design.
– Sync scene Objects.
– Photon Offline support.
– Advance Player Controller.
And much more!


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