Easy Performant Outline 2D | 3D (URP / HDRP and Built-in Renderer)

Version v3.4.2 Link 1 | Link 2


The outline package helps you to improve your game by adding selections highlighting which can be easily customized and have rich set of options to tweak.

Technical details
⚠️ Oculus quest is not fully supported by now and have some issues. Working on the fix and trying to complete the support.
⚠️ HDRP is supported as experimental for now. Any feedback will be appreciated.
⚠️ This pack doesn’t support unity URP 2D renderer. There is no way to inject custom logic into the rendering process. Will be added as soon as it will be possible.
⚠️ The lowest supported unity version is 2019.4.0. Earlier versions might not work due to API changes.
• Supports HDRP (Experimental since version 3.0)
• Easy to setup URP/HDRP using semi automatic setup tool
• DOTween support
• 100% post process effect with optimized rendering strategy
• Fully customizable
• Has several fill effects
• Highly optimized for mobiles
• Supports per object outline settings
• Supports per object color
• Supports multi layer outline
• Supports both HDR and LDR
• Supports both multipass and signlepass (instanced and not) VR
• Supports sprite outline
• Supports cutout objects outline
• Supports semi-transparent outline
• Source code included
• Tested on Android, iOS, PS4, PC, Mac, WebGL



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