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Dark cyberpunk street environment with modular approach and high quality assets. In this pack you will get customisable materials with variety of parameters to fit your needs; vertex-paintable materials for floor and walls; spline-based wires to specify its direction and more other stuff. Pre-built demo scene included.

Technical Details
Added inner faces for windows to give ability to add interiors and fixed its colissions
Split the door under `HOT GIRLS` from the wall

143 meshes (including 7 decal meshes)
Almost every asset has custom colission
Properly assigned lightmap resolution
Walls and floor have vertex paint to fit the weather you need
Spline based wires
Master materials with variety of customisable parameters
Customisable flicker emissive material – you can create curves and assign it to material to specify flicker pattern
Texture Sizes:
Almost all assets use 2k textures
Collision: custom
Number of Meshes: 143 (including 7 decal meshes)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 78 (including 15 decal actors)
Number of Textures: 115 (including 3 curve patterns for flicker material)


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