Cartoon Stylized Oriental Fantasy Environment (4.26, 4.27, 5.0)

Asset Version (4.26)Link 1 | Link 2 


This is a PBR cartoon environment asset package.
Contains modular eastern traditional architecture, cartoon plants, rocks, hand-painted textures, cartoon niagara effects.

Third person scene preview :
First person scene preview :

Technical Details
Note: The water uses a distance field. In order to display the effect correctly, you need to change the [Project Settings] – [Engine] – [Rendering] – [Lighting] – Check [Generate Mesh Distance Fields] Note: Plant highlights stroke using a Stencil Pass, you need to change the [Project Settings] – [Engine] – [Rendering] – [Postprocessing] – [Custom Depth -Stencil Pass] Set this parameter to [Enabled with stencil]

It takes about 7ms per frame to render when running at 4K resolution on a 2080TI video card (in the editor)

High quality PBR cartoon assets.
Building modular design.
Niagara cartoon vfx.
High quality plants.
Cartoon sky and water.
Oriental traditional style architecture.
Hand-painted textures.
Number of Unique Meshes: 81
Collision: Yes,Part of the automatic.
Vertex Count: Relatively high, may not be suitable for low-end platforms.
LODs: Yes,automatic generation.
Number of Niagara FX: 4 NiagaraEmitter, 6 NiagaraSystem.
Number of Textures: 95
Texture Resolutions: 512*512 , 1024*1024 , 2048*2048


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