Bears pack

This is a 3D model and animations of Brown bear and Polar bear.


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This is a 3D model and animations of Brown bear and Polar bear.
As an example of use, it contains characters that can be operated (BP_BearThirdPersonCharacter) and character that move according to the NavMesh(BP_FoodSeekBear).
IK is set to the feet.
The posture of the pelvis is calculated from the position of the foot.
How to use BP_FoodSeekBear:
Place as many BP_BearFood as you like in the scene.
Place as many BP_FoodSeekBear as you like in the scene.
Then BP_FoodSeekBear repeats the following operations:
BP_FoodSeekBear moves along the NavMesh toward randomly chosen BP_BearFood.
BP_FoodSeekBear plays Eat animation when approaching BP_BearFood by a certain distance
After a certain time, BP_FoodSeekBear randomly selects BP_BearFood and moves along the NavMesh again.
BP_BearThirdPersonCharacter operation method:
wasd or arrow:walk
r+(wasd or arrow): run
u: biped, n: quadruped
k: death
l: rebirth
Technical Details
Foot IK.
Control of the posture of the pelvis according to the feet position.
Physics Simulated Death motion.
Operable character(BP_BearThirdPersonCharacter).
Character that move according to the NavMesh(BP_FoodSeekBear).
Biped and quadruped walking style.
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No
Animated: Yes
Number of characters: 2(Brown bear and Polar bear)
Vertex counts of characters:
BrownBearLowPoly: 2974
BrownBearMiddlePoly: 12202
PolarBearLowPoly: 2980
PolarBearMiddlePoly: 12226
Texture Resolutions:
Base Color: 4096×4096
Normal: 4096×4096
Roughness: 512×512
Number of Animations: 46
Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Both


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