Automatic Sliding Doors

Animating Automatic Sliding Door Blueprints

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This is a set of 12 different automatic sliding door blueprints.
Each Blueprint has a custom collision and sound that plays when the doors open / close. The Blueprints are set up to detect player or physics objects that enter a cube trigger surrounding the door frames. As soon as a player enters the trigger, the doors will open and remain open until the player leaves the trigger.
All of the doors share a large 4096×4096 texture atlas for the metal frames and another 4096×4096 texture atlas for the glass windows. The stickers are alpha masked square decals. This is done to maximize detail while keeping the texture usage to a minimum.
All Materials are PBR configured with albedo/opacity/metal/roughness/normal textures.

Technical Details
Optimized collision mesh
Blueprints fully setup to operate like a real automatic sliding door
Texture Sizes:
4096×4096 for the metal frame and glass windows. 1024×1024 for the window stickers
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, custom
Vertex Count: Triangle counts range from 300 –> 1,200. Vertex counts range from 400 –> 1,400
LODs: Each mesh comes with 4 LODs
Number of Meshes: 30
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3
Number of Textures: 7


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