Advanced Multiplayer Inventory V2 (4.27, 5.0, 5.1)

Asset Version (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version (5.0)Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version (4.27)Link 1 | Link 2 


✅What you get
Highly advanced and customizable inventory system
Easy integration into any project in a few minutes thanks to components (Plug and play)
Module check list to simply turn on/off 12 features
23 realistic items to get started
Saves you many months of work

Add new items in data tables: Set up an item with more than 80 variables to tweak
Easy to expand item structure
Item structure organized in modules (e.g. simply toggle rarity or durability on/off)
Drag & Drop: Rearrange, swap & split items
Drop items physical on floor
Pick up items (by focusing it / by ground list / by auto pick up mode)
Groundlist: Shows all items near the player (possible to pick up a specific amount)
Auto Pick Up Mode: Walk above items to pick them up (relevancy filter for certain items can be added)
Equip items to hand or body (easy notify event about equipped/unequipped item IDs)
Off Hand: Equip item to 2nd hand (define with which main hand items it is compatible)
Advanced Chest System (Define slot amount, item filter, chest mesh & starting items)
Chest Multiplayer experience on next level (Move item around locally and without latency. Server validates each step in backend. Usually players need to wait on each validation which feels bad with a ping > 50. But in this inventory it feels fluent which is outstanding!)
Cooking Station: Based on chest system (Campfire, Forge -> Easy to add more types because system is highly customizable)
Loot Chest: Opens only once and drops some items on floor (define which items it should contain with % possibility whether item should be in)
Consume items: Easy notify with item ID after item got successfully consumed
Backpacks: Add additonal slots (Support for multiple backpack equipped at same time)
Vendor and money system (Add starting products, Buy, Sell -> either to AI or to other players)
Player to player trade (fair trade solution for 2 players -> Both need to confirm a trade)
Player to player trades: Swap item with item, Sell/Buy an item with money
Crafting System (Add recipes in data table, queue system, unlock recipes system)
Loot dead body (Player ragdoll death with respawn system) – Players can inspect dead body like a chest
Inspect items (Possible if hovering item in UI or if tracing item actor in world) – Drag to rotate mesh preview
Anvil: Dismantle & destroy items
Interaction System (Easy to make everything interactable)
Basic, optional Third Person Shooter (Recoil, aim, reload, projectile, damage (+ head shot multiplier), accuracy – All based on values of equipped weapon)
Health & Damage system
Item rarity (Visually colorize item background & info about rarity type)
Item durability (lose/gain durability per use or lose constantly durability if equipped e.g. torch)
Item String (Short, efficient string of all dynamic item data (e.g. amount) that can not be taken from static data table values): Lighter for replication & storing item data
Save & Load Game and possibility to store in database (Player inventory items, money, crafting unlocks, item actors on ground, vendor & chest data)
System to store all this data in single strings or in string arrays

Technical Details
Network Replicated: Yes
Number of Widget Blueprints: 56
Number of Blueprints: 40
Static/Skeletal Meshes: 47
Input: Keyboard, Mouse


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