Z-Mech Robot Giant

Giant robot mech, rigged to replace default template character. 10 color variants.


Unreal: click here
FBX: click here


The Z-Mech giant robot character is rigged to the Epic skeleton to easily replace the third person blueprint template character with only a few clicks!
If animation stops working when you replace the template mannequin, or if the model is offset into the floor a little bit, try following the steps in the Skeletal Mesh Troubleshooting video.

Technical Details
– Character is rigged to Epic skeleton to easily replace the default template character
– Rigged to default Epic skeleton- 9 additional material variations for alternate colors- tri count: 48,000- 2k textures. 4 materials per set. Each material set has diffuse, metallic, roughness, and normal maps.
TIP: To use custom animations that are also rigged to the UE4 Mannequin Skeleton:
Navigate to the ZMech_v2 skeletal mesh in the Content Browser. Right-click on it and select Skeleton > Assign Skeleton.
Find and select the UE4 Mannequin Skeleton that is using the animations you want. Click Accept.
Save and open the ZMech_v2 skeletal mesh, go to the Animation tab, and change the Preview Mesh to ZMech_v2. You should be able to view all the animations available for the current skeleton.


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