Western Desert Town

Complete western desert environment with over 340 models including modular buildings, cave and mines, large set of props, furniture’s, nature assets, and dynamic day/night cycle with rain options.

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Watch presentation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhjkn4Uxj7E
Everything you need for making complete western environments. This pack contains a set of modular blocks that will allow you to create different building variations and assets for creating mines. There is a Blueprint system, which allows you to change the building colors and Materials. There are modular building interiors and a large library of different props, doors, furniture, etc. Saloon, church, hotel, general store, sheriff office, and bank Blueprints are already included, which you can use, modify, or create more.
You also get a huge desert environment with different nature assets like grass, hay, cactus, and dead tree models. Includes an advanced rock material and a set of rock formations. Landscape Material with 4 layer support, adaptive tessellation and triplanar mapping with landscape grass system. Procedural spawners for rock and foliage assets are available.
Example level with town, mines and surrounding environment. Environment controls for dynamic day and night cycle with rain and wetness options.

Technical Details
Over 340+ models and 246 Textures
Modular building blocks and Blueprints with customization control
Mines and cave assets with mining cart railing blueprint
Interiors with large set of props and furniture
Buildings like church, saloon, general store, hotel, sheriff office, and bank included
Large desert environment
Different nature assets like grass, hay, and cactus models
Set of rock models with advanced rock Material with distance field blending
Dynamic lighting with day and night cycle and rain support
4 layer tessellation landscape material
Built in colliders for assets
LODs for models
Procedural spawning for rocks and foliage
Texture Sizes:
4K (8)
2K (165)
1K (35)
512 (4)
Texture Size: 512×512 to 4K
Collision: Yes, automatically and manually generated
LODs: 4
Number of Meshes: 347
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 117
Number of Textures: 246


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