War FX

40+ REALISTIC EFFECTS for war games of all genres!


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40+ REALISTIC EFFECTS for war games of all genres!

– Optimized for Desktop & Mobile
– Works in 3D and 2D
Includes Cartoon FX Easy Editor to easily scale any effect, and change other properties!
Includes CFX Spawn System to preload your effects and recycle them (avoiding the use of Instantiate which is costly for mobile platforms)

– Explosions:
* Generic
* Ground
* Massive
* Aerial
* Mine
* Nuke
– Fire:
* Natural (small, big, extended zones)
* Industrial/Gas
* Chemical/Colored
* Flamethrower (small, big, alt)
– Muzzle Flashes
– Bullet Impacts:
* Concrete
* Metal
* Wood
* Sand
* Dirt
* Generic/Soft Bodies
– Smoke:
* Black
* Gray
* White
* Colored (blue, green, purple…)


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