Vertex Anim Toolset

Asset Version (4.26–4.27)Click Here


Attention! This plugin has been open sourced under MIT license, find it here.

10.000 Animated Mannequins.
2.500 Agents with different animation states.

This Plugin enables the user to bake a skeletal mesh’s animation (both bone and morph target) into a texture to later be used inside the material shader to animate static mesh components much more efficiently than with regular skeletal meshes.

Technical Details
Bake multiple skeletal mesh animations into the same texture.
Create Static Mesh asset from a Skeletal Mesh, with additional special UV set for accessing animation data from the same texture from every LOD of the mesh.
Code Modules:
VertexAnimToolset – Developer.
VertexAnimToolsetEditor – Editor.
Number of C++ Classes: 8
Supported Development Platforms: Win-32, Win-64, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win-32, Win-64, Mac, Linux, PS4, XBoxOne, IOS, Android.


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