Unreal Engine 5: Soulslike Melee Combat System

Make a complete third person souls-like action RPG melee combat system in Unreal Engine 5!

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This course is aimed at intermediate users who have a good understanding of Blueprint scripting and Unreal Engine. Using Unreal Engine 5, you’ll learn how to create a complete Dark Souls-inspired combat system, starting from a blank project. The course focuses on creating extendable logic that can serve as a foundation for your own game.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn various mechanics, such as attack combos, multiple attack types, directional dodging, target locking, equipment and multiple weapon styles, collision and hit detection, hit reaction system, combat AI for different enemy types, your own targeting system, damage application and reception, multiple damage types, hit reactions, visual effects, and more.

You’ll learn how to implement attack combos, allowing players to chain together attacks in sequence. You’ll also learn how to create different types of attacks, such as light and heavy attacks, and how to implement them in the combat system. Directional dodging will be covered, allowing players to dodge attacks in different directions to avoid damage.

The course will also teach you how to create a target locking system, which allows players to lock onto enemies and focus their attacks on them. You’ll learn how to implement equipment and multiple weapon styles, allowing players to switch between different weapons with different attack styles.

Collision and hit detection will be covered, determining when attacks hit or miss. You’ll also learn how to create a hit reaction system, controlling how characters react when they are hit, such as staggering or being knocked back. Combat AI for different enemy types, including regular mobs, tough mobs, and boss enemies, with different attack patterns and behaviors, will be discussed.

You’ll also learn how to create your own targeting system, allowing players to switch targets during combat. The course will cover implementing applying and receiving damage, including different damage types and how they affect characters. Additionally, you’ll learn how to add visual effects to the combat system, such as particles and animations, to make the combat more visually appealing.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to create a Souls-like combat system in Unreal Engine 5, with a focus on creating extendable logic that can be customized for your own game.

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1 – Introduction

01 – Welcome To The Course
02 – Community & Support
04 – Initial Setup

2 – Weapons and Equipment

05 – Creating base equipment
06 – Equip & Unequip Weapon
07 – Creating the pickup Actor
08 – Different Weapon Styles
09 – Fixing Bugs

3 – Basic Combat

10 – Creating the Combat Component
11 – Attack Combinations
12 – Directional Dodge
13 – Combat Reset
14 – Hit Detection System
15 – Character Death
16 – Fixing Bugs & Improving Gameplay

4 – Advanced Combat

17 – State Manager System
18 – Character Actions
19 – Sprint Mechanic
20 – Multiple Attack Types
21 – Creating the Stats Component
22 – Stats System Continued
23 – Regeneratable Stats Stamina System
24 – Different Stat Costs for Different Weapons
25 – Armor & Defense Stat
26 – Gameplay Tags
27 – Dual Wield Weapons
28 – Targeting System
29 – Targeting System Continued
30 – Hit Reaction System

5 – Enemy Combat AI

31 – Introduction to Behavior Trees
32 – Setting Up The Enemy AI
33 – AI Patrol System
34 – AI Perception
35 – Enemy Combat
36 – Enemy Combat Continued
37 – Different Enemy Types
38 – System & Gameplay Improvements

6 – Creating an RPG Prototype

39 – Initial Setup
40 – Changing Character Mesh
41 – Setting up Gruntling mob
42 – Setting up Gruntling Mob Continued
43 – Humanoid Mob Enemy
44 – Setting Up Boss Enemies
45 – Combat Effects
46 – Blocking mechanic
47 – Use Item Heal
48 – Bug Fixes & Improvements

Project Files: Link 1 | Link 2


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