Unreal Engine 5 One Course Solution For Niagara VFX

Use Niagara to create stunning, game-ready VFX in Unreal Engine 5 through a step by step approach

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Highly customizable collection of the most used internet protocols: HTTP 1.1, HTTP 2, WebSocket, Socket.IO 3 & 4, SignalR Core in one single package!
If you want a plugin that supports request customization for REST, WebSocket, Socket.IO, SignalR, SignalR Core, Server-Sent Events (and much more) over HTTP/2 out of the box, with regular updates and outstanding support from the developer, then Best HTTP/2 is THE tool for you!
Technical details
Supported platforms:
iOS, Android
UWP, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Most notable features are:
Fully supported HTTP/2!
Customize all parts of your requests:
Max redirect count
Access every bits sent by the server:
Status code
Raw content
Trailing headers
Connection and memory pooling
Connection and request timeouts
Automatic Cookie handling
Great range of Proxy support (Fiddler, Charles, etc.)
HTTP and Socks Proxy support
Automatic caching and cache validatation
Set your cache size and freshness
gzip and Brotli content encoding
Basic and Digest authentication
Multiple form types (url-encoded and multipart/form-data)
Automatic redirection handling
Upload and Download progress tracking
Access your data while downloading
You can resume downloads using Range headers
Customize a great range of global settings:
Max connection per server
Enable/disable cookies
Private ‘Browsing’
Cookie Jar size
Fine tune connection and memory pooling

WebSocket features:
Full RFC compliance
Easy to use, ‘just works’ experience
Support for extensions:
Compression Extensions for WebSocket (RFC7692)
WebSocket Over HTTP/2

Socket.IO features:
Compliance with the latest (3.x and 4.x too!) Socket.IO implementations
Automatic transport upgrade and downgrade
Binary data sending and receiving
You can plug in your favorite Json decoder

SignalR Core features:
Supports latest SignalR Core
Support for MessagePack encoding
Strongly typed callbacks
Uses the fastest Websocket transport with fallback option to long-polling
Package includes a Header-based authenticator
Upload and download streaming

Server-Sent Events features:
Compatible with the latest specification
Easy to use API
All protocols are client only implementations compatible with any server side solutions!

Watch online or Download for Free
01 – Introduction

01 – Introduction
02 – What Consists Of A Niagara VFX
04 – Create A VFX Project

02 – Niagara Basic

06 – Niagara Basic Section Overview
07 – First Emitter
08 – Emitter Stage
09 – Simple Moving Sprite
10 – Shape Location
11 – Forces
12 – GPU Sprite
13 – First VFX Material
14 – Section Challenge Create Floating Dandeline
16 – Sub UV Animation
17 – Start Of Flame Thrower Create The Main Flame
18 – Smoke For Flame Thrower
19 – Section Challenge Blue Flame And Ember
20 – Create Heat Distortion
21 – End Of Flame Thrower Recap
23 – Mesh Renderer
24 – Custom Mesh
25 – Baking Texture In Unreal
26 – Draw Material To Render Target
27 – Ribbon Renderer
28 – Material Refresher UV Manipulation
29 – Create Pan Distort Material
30 – Create Perlin Noise
31 – Variation From Voronoi Noise
33 – Section Warp Up

03 – Niagara Skill VFX

34 – Niagara Skill VFX Section Overview
35 – Set Up The Demo Room
36 – Start Of Portall FX Create The Outline Of Portal
37 – Depth Fade And SubUV Animation
38 – Center Rotating Particles
39 – Center Rotating Patterns
40 – Material Effect With Mesh Renderer
41 – End Of Portal FX Background Details And Debris
42 – Fix The Missing Center Pattern
43 – Start Of Hit Impact Create VFX Spawner
44 – Hit Impact Surface
45 – End Of Hit Impact Section Challenge1 Hit Impact Body
46 – Section Challenge2 Butterfly FX
48 – Start Of Meteor Attack Anticipation For Meteor Attack
49 – Meteor Shell Mesh
50 – Create Shell FX
51 – Climax For Meteor Attack
52 – End Of Meteor Attack Dissipation For Meteor Attack
53 – Start Of Laser Attack Create Laser Mesh
54 – Create Laser Core
55 – Laser Shell
56 – Laser Fire Pattern
57 – End Of Laser Attack Decoration Particles
58 – Start Of Energy Strike Custom Sprite Alignment
59 – Location Event
60 – Custom Rotator
61 – Dynamic Paramaters
62 – Section Challenge3 More Elements For Climax
63 – Section Challenge4 Cylinder FX
64 – End Of Energy Strike Dissipation
66 – Start Of Projectile FX Blade Slash Mesh
67 – Linear Gradient
68 – BP Projectile Master
69 – Projectile VFX Spawner
70 – Blade Slash Variations
71 – Following Particles
72 – Ground Particles
73 – Section Challenge4 Muzzle And Hit Impact VFX
74 – End Of Projectile FX Different VFX Meshes
75 – Section Wrap Up

04 – Custom Niagara Module VFX

77 – Custom Niagara Module VFX Section Overview
78 – Custom Niagara Module 101
79 – Attributes Reader
80 – Follow The Leader Advanced
81 – Start Of Rain FX Frenel
82 – Liquid Master Dyn Param
83 – Main Rain Drops
84 – Generate Collision Event
85 – Section Challenge Rain Splash Large
86 – Ripples
87 – Check Collision Normal
88 – End Of Rain FX Custom Niagara Enums

Project Files: Link 1 | Link 2


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