Unity Mobile Game – Master Hyper Casual Word Game Mechanics!

Learn, Create, Prototype a cool Hyper Casual Word Mobile Game from scratch!

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In this course, you will learn how to create a word game similar to Wordle. The course covers the following topics:

  • Create a Keyboard Input: You will learn how to create a keyboard input system for players to enter words into the game. This includes setting up the keyboard UI and handling player input.
  • Add Word Containers: You will learn how to display the word entered by the player using word containers in the game UI. This includes setting up the word containers and updating them based on player input.
  • Manage Player Input: You will learn how to manage player input, including handling input errors, validating input, and providing feedback to the player.
  • Checking the Word Entered: You will learn how to implement simple algorithms to check the word entered by the player against the secret word. This includes comparing characters, tracking correct and incorrect guesses, and updating the game state.
  • Smash Bugs: You will learn how to handle bugs and errors that may occur during gameplay, including handling edge cases and providing error messages to the player.
  • Colorize the Letters: You will learn how to add visual feedback to the game by colorizing the letters in the word containers based on correct and incorrect guesses. This includes changing the color of the letters dynamically based on game logic.
  • Colorize the Keyboard: You will learn how to colorize the keyboard UI to provide visual feedback to the player on which letters have been guessed correctly and incorrectly.
  • Set the Secret Word from a Large Dictionary: You will learn how to generate a secret word from a large dictionary of words, ensuring that the word is randomly selected and not predictable.
  • Add a Keyboard Hint System: You will learn how to implement a hint system that provides the player with hints on which letters are correct in the secret word. This includes revealing letters based on player guesses and game logic.
  • Add a Letter Hint System: You will learn how to implement a letter hint system that provides the player with hints on which letters are present in the secret word. This includes showing the player which letters are correct, but not revealing their positions.
  • Shader Graph Mini Lesson: You will learn how to use Shader Graph, a visual shader editor in Unity, to create custom shaders for visual effects in the game.

The course also includes checkpoint packages for you to download and practice, as well as support from the instructor to help you understand each step of the course. Whether you’re new to game development or have some experience, this course will

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01. Introduction

01. Project Setup

02. The Keyboard

01. Keyboard Canvas
02. Key Prefab & Lines
03. KeyboardKey Script
04. KeyboardKey Event

03. The Word Containers

01. The First Letter Container
02. Word Containers Objects
03. WordContainer Script

04. The Core

01. The Input Manager
02. Receiving events from the Keyboard Keys
03. The Word Manager
04. Automatic Word Checking
05. The Try Button
06. The Backspace Key
07. Bug Fixing

05. First Graphics Improvements

01. Small Graphics Improvements
02. Coloring the Letter Container
03. Coloring the Keyboard
04. Fixing the Keyboard Colors

06. Creating The User Interface

01. Creating The Game Manager
02. Adding The Game Panel
03. Making The Level Complete Panel
04. Creating The UI Manager
05. Showing The Level Complete
06. Saving Our Data
07. Updating The Level Complete
08. Increasing The Player Score
09. Perfecting The Core Loop
10. Adding The Gameover Panel
11. Adding The Gameover Logic

07. Helping The Player

01. Creating The Hint Manager
02. Adding The Keyboard Hint
03. Adding The Letter Hint
04. Improving The Letter Hint
05. Getting The Secret Word From A Dictionnary

08. Adding More User Interface Elements

01. Adding The Menu Panel
02. Creating The Menu Logic
03. Resetting Everything
04. Adding The Hint Prices
05. Creating A Background Shader
06. Improving The Overall Look With Icons

09. Adding Some Settings

01. Creating The Settings Panel
02. Showing Hiding The Settings Panel
03. Creating The Settings Manager
04. Adding Vibrations To Our Game
05. Adding Sounds To Our Game
06. Adding Even More Sounds

10. Congratz !

01. Congratulations !

Project Files: Link 1 | Link 2


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