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Apply your programming knowledge to game development and start making 3D games in the Unity game engine using C#

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Welcome to Unity For Software Developers, the ultimate course for experienced developers looking to level up their skills and create games with Unity. Created by Charles Amat, host of the popular Infallible Code YouTube channel with over 61,000 subscribers, this course is designed to provide a concise and professional learning experience, with just under three hours of HD video tutorials and practical examples.

This course assumes that you already have programming experience and skips basic programming concepts, focusing on modern Unity best practices for building scalable and clean projects. Taught by Charles Amat, a senior developer at Thousand Ant, a studio that develops Unity content for Unity Technologies and creates educational material for companies like Microsoft and Google, you can trust that you’re learning from an industry expert.

What sets this course apart is the custom 3D demo project called “The Norsemen”, which includes a rigged and animated character, along with dozens of 3D assets that you can use in your own prototypes. You’ll learn how to create art, animations, and shaders using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline, and gain a solid understanding of C# scripting, MonoBehaviours, ScriptableObjects, script interactions, performance profiling, project management in Unity, Git version control, namespaces, assembly definitions, custom Unity packages, automated testing, and more.

With clean and well-structured example code, a high-quality custom-built 3D demo project, and a downloadable local Git repository with separate branches for each module, you’ll have all the resources you need to follow along and apply what you’ve learned in your own projects.

This course is ideal for software developers who want to learn game development using professionally created art and animation, rather than basic shapes, and who are looking for a comprehensive course that covers all the essential Unity concepts in a concise and professional manner. Plus, with a full money-back guarantee for 30 days, you can enroll with zero risk and everything to gain.

Don’t wait any longer, click the buy now button and embark on your game development journey with Unity For Software Developers!

In this course, you will learn:

  • Game Development with Unity: You will gain a solid understanding of Unity, one of the most popular game engines, and learn how to create games and interactive experiences using Unity.
  • C# Scripting in Unity: You will focus on C# scripting in Unity, including concepts such as MonoBehaviours, ScriptableObjects, script interactions, and profiling for performance. You will learn how to write clean and efficient C# scripts to create gameplay mechanics and functionality for your games.
  • Project Management in Unity: You will learn how to effectively manage your Unity project, including version control using Git, namespaces, assembly definitions, and custom Unity packages. You will learn best practices for organizing and structuring your Unity projects to build scalable and maintainable games.
  • Automated Testing in Unity: You will understand the importance of automated testing in game development and learn how to write play and edit mode tests to catch and fix bugs in your game as it grows over time. You will learn how to use Unity’s built-in testing framework to ensure the quality and stability of your games.
  • Example Combat Implementation: You will tie together all the skills you’ve learned throughout the course by implementing a combat system in a custom 3D Viking survival game demo. This will allow you to apply the concepts you’ve learned in a practical and hands-on manner, creating a complete gameplay feature from scratch.

By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in Unity game development, C# scripting, project management, and automated testing, and you will be able to create your own games and interactive experiences with Unity using best practices and professional techniques.

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1. Introduction

1. Introduction
2. Welcome to the Course
3. Setup Your Environment
4. The Norseman Demo

2. Scripting in Unity

1. Scripting Overview
2. Your First Script
3. Gameobjects & Monobehaviours
4. Composition Vs Inheritance
5. Anatomy of a MonoBehaviour
6. Script Interactions
7. ScriptableObjects
8. Coroutines
9. Unity Performance 101

3. Maintaintability, Scalability, and Testability

1. Chapter 3 Intro
2. Namespaces
3. Assemblies
4. Custom Unity Packages

4. Automated Testing

1. Chapter 4 Introduction
2. Preparing Your Project for Testing
3. PlayMode Tests
4. EditMode Tests

5. Conclusion

1. Conclusion

Project Files: Link 1 Link 2


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