Ultra Dynamic Sky (New Update)


New Update: Click here
Asset Version v7.7B(5.1,5.2): Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version v7.7 (5.1): Link 1 | Link 2 
Asset Version v7.6B (5.1)Click Here
Asset Version v7.6 (5.1)Click Here
Asset Version v7.3b(5.0)Click Here


Technical Details
For full documentation, see the included readme, in the Blueprints folder.
Total Contents of the Product (As of Latest Version):
6 Blueprints:
Ultra Dynamic Sky
Ultra Dynamic Weather
Rain Drip Spline
Weather Override Volume
Weather Mask Brush
Ambient Sound_Time and Weather Controlled

19 Materials:
1 for Main Sky Material
2 for Volumetric Clouds
1 for Volumetric Auroras
2 for Cloud Shadows
1 for Static Clouds
1 for Volumetric Cloud Fog
6 for Rain, Dust and Snow effects
4 for Lightning effects
3 for Post Processing Effects

38 Textures:
3 for 3D Volumetric Cloud textures
3 for Base 2D Cloud Textures
1 for Sky Light
5 for Sky Textures (Moon, stars, ect)
2 for Static Clouds
3 for Lightning particles
2 for Snow
3 for Rain
1 for Dust
2 for Rain Snow and Splash particles
11 for Post Processing Effects
7 Niagara Particle Systems
6 for Weather Effects
1 for Volumetric Cloud Fog

9 Sound Cues
Wind Cue (4 Sound Waves)
Wind Whistling Cue (1 Sound Wave)
Close Thunder Cue (6 Sound Waves)
Distant Thunder Cue (11 Sound Waves)
Rain Cue (4 Sound Waves)
Light Rain Cue (4 Sound Waves)
Rain Hit Cue (3 Sound Waves)
Puddle Movement Cue (1 Sound Wave)
Puddle Splash Cue (4 Sound Waves)
Snow Movement Cue (1 Sound Wave)
Snow Impact Cue (6 Sound Waves)
Dust Compress Cue (6 Sound Waves)



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