Transform Effector (5.0, 5.1)

Asset Version (5.0, 5.1): Link 1 | Link 2 


Drag & Drop Easy to use blueprint for animating any actor of your scene. Just TAG your actors to be controlled by blueprint Transform Effector. You can animate the objects just by moving the Blueprint or edit its values. The transformation is defined by distance of the Blueprint and tagged actor (its pivot). You can easily change the values in blueprint for different types of animations. All the values are editable in the cinematics, so you can easily create complex animation in sequencer with only one blueprint. Feel free to attach blueprint to players or dynamic objects.

Works with: custom static meshes, skeletal meshes, particles, lights, texts, you name it… All you have to do is just Tag the actor and you can control it with our blueprint BP_T_Effector. You can use any meshes you want to. Transform is based on distance of BP and pivot of tagged object, be sure you have pivot in the center or bottom of you mesh for best results.

If you want to properly export bigger scene with multiple meshes (for example archviz) from your 3d application, I recomend to use .datasmith exporter. All meshes are imported well with pivot on the same plase as in your 3d software.

This blueprint is made mostly for the motion graphics and cinematics, use carefully for games (can drops fps if you control hundreds of actors at once).

Technical Details
One Main Blueprint BP_T_Effector in 5 different variations.
Showcase map with detailed description and usecases.
Third person example map with Transform Effector.
Sequencer example map with Transform Effector.
Test geometry meshes (cubes, crystal, column)
Basic materials


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