Traffic Patterns Script and Prop Collection

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Ever needed to fill up that empty roadway? need a mass of trucks in the way of your hero? Traffic makes a scene look alive, but choosing and setting up dozens of vehicles is slow work.

Let the Traffic Patterns Script and Prop Collection do the hard part!

Step 1: Traffic Patterns Controller. The controller is a rigged item with 20 nodes that you can parent your vehicles to. Then the whole string can be moved, rotated, spaced closer, or bent around a curve or up a hill easily.

Step 2: Use the Traffic Patterns Script to automatically generate cars from Carpools to populate your Traffic Patterns Controller. Use the included low-poly cars, emergency vehicles, and trucks to create up to 20 vehicles at a time, with textures randomly assigned from the preset materials.

More cop cars? Fewer taxis? All trucks? no problem! adjust the probability of the vehicle types with tagged asset groups. Once generated, the Traffic Pattern Controller will remember your last settings to make regenerating traffic a snap. Nighttime scene? No problem, all the Traffic Pattern vehicles come with Headlight and Taillight On material options, as well as a helpful toggle in the script to turn all the lights on at once.

Step 3: Carpools. Well, what if your scene is in the 1800s? In space? On a farm? You can add any vehicle or indeed any figure or group of figures or props to a custom Carpool. Define the direction of the vehicle, its material options, its lights-on option, add-ons, and additional add-ons to define your perfect custom carpool. For example custom carpools of a low-poly horse with all its poses and skin colors, and each carriage as an add-on with its materials and lights to generate your own Victorian street traffic. Just be careful to stick to low-poly assets or you may have some troubles.

Low-demand universal Iray materials are supplied for use on any model as well as generic light on and off materials. The Taxi add-on has six different signs and two texture maps with text, and the Police cars have two different texture maps, the ambulance has two texture maps as well as shader-only presets in various common colors.

Included is a PDF format manual right next to the scripts to walk you through every step needed to create custom carpools and use Traffic Patterns to fill up your scenes with honking horns and screeching brakes.


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