The Vegetation Engine | Terrain Details Module (New Update)

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Versionย v7.2.0:ย Link1ย |ย Link2


๐Ÿ›ˆ The Vegetation Engine is a set of high-quality shaders and tools designed to unify 3rd party vegetation under the same system. Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, seasons, wetness, subsurface, height-based blending, etc. for all vegetation assets with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

โ—‹ Features
โœ“ The Vegetation Engine systems support: Motion, Seasons, Overlay, Wetness
โœ“ The Vegetation Engine elements support: Colors, Overlay, Wetness, Alpha, Motion Interaction, Motion Direction, Motion Flow, Wind Power
โœ“ High-quality wind animation
โœ“ Global Alpha Threshold control
โœ“ Amplify Shader Editor support
โœ“ Zero global keywords used
โœ“ Full source code included
โœ“ Demo scene included

โ—‹ Limitations
๐Ÿžซ Shader Model 2 devices are not supported (TVE Limitation)
๐Ÿžซ Shadow casting is not supported (Unity Limitation)
๐Ÿžซ HDRP and URP are not supported (Unity Limitation)
๐Ÿžซ Size Elements are not supported (Terrain Detail Limitation)
๐Ÿžซ Grass Billboards are not supported

โ—‹ Disclaimer
โš‘ The Vegetation Engine Details shaders use a similar shading to the Unity Built-in Terrain detail shaders. The benefit of using this module is that The Vegetation Engine systems, wind, and elements can be used for the terrain grass!


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