Task Atlas – Tasks, Stickies, Maps, Reference Galleries and more! (New Update)

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Crush your game dev goals with Task Atlas! Landmarks, Atlas Mode, and Bookmarks help you plan and projects. Time Management and Sticky Tasks keep you on track. Power up and finish your game!

Get your game development tasks in check and conquer the competition with Task Atlas! Are you tired of feeling like you’re stuck in an endless “development cycle”? Do you struggle to keep your tasks and milestones organized and on track? Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to catch up in the race to publish your game? If so, it’s time to power up with Task Atlas.

Our asset is specifically designed to help game developers like you finish your game and succeed in the highly competitive world of game development. With Task Atlas, you’ll have access to a range of powerful features that will help you plan and organize your project with ease. [NEW LOW PRICE! Only $30, or get the Better Editor Bundle Deluxe for $37.50 and also get Perfect F and Editor Portals as well!]

Here’s how Task Atlas will help you overcome the odds, keep you motivated, and inevitably lead you to rockstar success and the adoration of all those who ever dared to roll their eyes at you.

🏛️ LANDMARKS: Always know what you’re doing next by categorizing your entire Scene by organizing it into Landmarks that can be tagged and stuffed full of tasks

📍 ATLAS MODE: Never miss a detail and feel like a god watching your creation from above with the innovative Atlas Mode

🖼️ REFERENCE GALLERY: Import images into a Reference Gallery so that you can better replicate a city or river or waterfall from real life, or whatever! It’s like a workbench in Terraria – it’s full of inspiration and ideas that you can use to craft the perfect game development project.

🏷️ ON SCREEN LABELS: Keep track of where you currently are with on-screen labels that can be colored and fade with distance (or always on) It’s like having a galaxy map in Elite Dangerous, where you can see exactly how far you are from your next task or milestone.

🔖 BOOKMARKING: Zip around your work instantly by simply clicking on the Landmark’s screenshot. It’s like using a save point in a role-playing game, where you can jump back to a specific place in your project at any time.

⏲️ TIME MANAGEMENT: Stay organized and on track, or you’ll be left in the dust like a racer who missed a checkpoint

✔️ STICKY TASKS: Drop a Sticky Task in a blank area to remind yourself what you want to build there later

🧊 2D & 3D MODE: Works seemlessly in both 3D Perspective / 2D modes, at the same time!

🏆 FULL SUPPORT: World class support from yours truly. Includes a 19 page manual to get started quickly!



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