SY Liminal Pools Iray

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Liminal spaces are the spaces we pass through but never stay. They are the places in reality or in dreams that are forever transitional.
SY Liminal Pools Iray brings you the mood and look of liminal pools, spaces involving water that are not designed for human habitation and yet somehow still draw us in, whether sleeping or awake.
There are 10 different pool rooms, each with at least 2 different lighting and camera setups included in full scene presets for your convenience.
All of the water is in separate meshes to be left off if you want a dry liminal space. There are smaller water stream and furnishing props to customize your own spaces and a ripple and wake prop so your figures can interact with the water.
Each piece comes with concrete, white tile, and mossy tile materials with 2 also offering white plaster. Whether contemplative or horrifying, you can depict the images of your dreams with these peculiar spaces.


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