Survival Game Kit V2 [New Update]

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New Update: Click here
Asset Version v2.3.3 (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2
Asset Version v2.2.15 (4.27)Link 1 | Link 2


Works with Unreal Engine 5!
Survival game kit V2 brings all the features of the original with massive changes like a “Jigsaw” style inventory system, projectile based weapons and a full main menu and in game menu system just to name a few. V2 also includes Player Building System V2 a brand new player building system built from scratch for the needs of modern survival games.

Technical Details
Multiplayer Support
“Jigsaw” Style Inventory
Player Building System V2
Custom Inventory Slot Layouts (Full List)
Main/In Game Menu (Settings, Save/Load, Server Browser and Server Host Menus)
Weapons (Melee/Range)
Weapon Attachments
Save System (Does not support World Composition)
Throwables (Includes Grenade)
Building Ownership, Repair, Pickup and Demolishing
Destructible Build Parts
Campfire, Crafting Bench, Wood Chest, Vendors, Furnace & Bed (Respawn Point)
First/Third Person
Container Items (Store Items Inside Other Items)
Full Equipment System
Item Durability/Repairing
Item Crafting
Crafting Queue System
Aim Offsets (Procedural & Standard modes)
Instance Resource Harvesting
Respawn System
Fall Damage
Placeable C4
Starvation & Dehydration
Weight System
Bleed Damage
Expandable Interaction System
Armour System
Blueprints: 367
Input: Mouse & Keyboard
Network Replicated: Yes

3 reviews for Survival Game Kit V2 [New Update]

  1. user

    Hello! Could you please update this to ue 5.1? Thanks.

  2. user


  3. user

    Could you please update SGK v2 2.3.3 to SGK V2 2.3.7 Unreal Engine 5.2? Thank you.

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