Super Platformer 2D (v1.3.1)

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The Super Platformer 2D is the perfect system to start learning how to create your own Super Platformer Game!
The SP2D system takes the full advantage of the Unity physics power to achieve the fluency and control that the best platform games have.
Both Desktop and Mobile versions included.

These are some of the main features of the system:
· 2D Physics Platformer system ·
·Walk, Run, Jump, Double Jump , Wall Jump, Shoot, Walk on slopes… ·
· 2D Water / Swimming ·
· Zoom in + Zoom Out function ·
· Moving Platforms ·
· Keyboard, Mobile & Gamepad Controls ·
· Slope Handling ·
· Gamepad vibration (Windows Only) ·
· Wall Jump ·
· Background and foreground Parallax ·
· Animated Checkpoints System ·
· Items pick up System ·
· AI Enemies ·
· Health System ·
· Scenes included ·
· Main Menu and Level Selection ·
· Original outlined art·
· Smooth animations ·
· Awesome particle effects ·
· Weapons System ·
· Full Platformer Gui System ·
· Commented Scripts·
·Desktop and Mobile versions·
· And many more features!! ·


If you work on Mac you must remove the plugin and the gamepad vibration related scripts in order to start using the system.
Please always make a backup of your project before update!
Please read the asset documentation before starting use the system


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