SU152 Soviet Tank

I am happy to present you SU-152 Heavy Self-propelled Artillery GameReady 3d model.



Hello, my dear Customer!

I am happy to present you SU-152 Heavy Self-propelled Artillery GameReady 3d model.
Ready for game-development, render and animation.
That model will definitely save your time just a lot!

—————————— USAGE ————————————

– This model is suitable for use in PC/mobile game-development, vr/ar, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

—————————– PIPELINE ———————————-

– Lowpoly/Highpoly/UV made in Blender 2.91 and ZBrush
– Baked in Marmoset Toolbag 4
– Textured in Substance Painter
– Rendered in Cycles + Marmoset Toolbag 4

————————— TOPOLOGY ——————————–

SU-152 3d model consist of 5 objects:
– SU152_Body: 7.102 tris
– SU152_Equipment: 14.085 tris
– SU152_Gun: 7.772 tris
– SU152_Wheels: 35.960 tris
– SU152_Tracks: 61.020 tris
TOTAL: 125.939 tris
Only Quads and Tris topology used

————————— MATERIALS ——————————–

Model use 4 materials total:
– SU152_Body
– SU152_Equipment
– SU152_Gun
– SU152_Wheels

———————— TEXTURES and UV ————————-

– Model is completely UV-unwrapped. You can see all the textures and UV maps on the preview images
– Partially Overlapping method was used to increase texel density
– Both Metallic/Rough and Specular/Gloss PBR workflows are available
– Lightmap UV for light baking is included

– Body: 780px/m (4K textures)
– Equipment: 822px/m (4K textures)
– Gun: 699px/m (4K textures)
– Wheels: 602px/m (4K textures)

– Base_Color.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Metallic.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Roughness.png (4096x4096px) – met/rough
– Diffuse.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Specular.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Glossiness.png (4096x4096px) – spec/glos
– Normal.png (4096x4096px)
– Opacity.png (4096x4096px)
– Emissive.png (4096x4096px)
– AO.png (4096x4096px)

————————– DESCRIPTION ——————————

– There is a 3D model of SU-152 Self-propelled Artillery only
– Tracks are snapped to curve and easily animated
– Model is fully textured with all materials applied (Converted formats as well, take a look at preview images)
– LowPoly model, that is perfect for game-development
– No Ngons used, just Quads and Tris
– Lightmap UV is included
– Clear topology with no any artefacts, holes, overlapping polygons and so on
– All materials and textures are intelligently named
– PBR materials, as you can see on the preview
– No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering
– No special plugin needed to open scene
– Real world scale 1:1
– Units of measurement are meters


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