Snack Pack VOL.1

This pack includes a variety of food/snack assets including a snack crate. Each asset was created for realistic AAA use case.


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FBX: click here


1 Peanut Butter Chocolate Twin Bar
1 Small bag Classic Potato Chips
1 Small bag Spicy Hot Potato Chips
1 Small bag Honey BBQ Potato Chips
1 Box of Beer
1 Can of Beer
1 Floor Block for presentation
1 Box of Sugary Green Soda (Gamma)
1 Chocolate Wafer Crisp Candy Bar (Lit Lit)
1 Large Bag of Classic Potato Chips
1 Snack Crate
1 Snack Crate Lid
1 Can of Gamma Soda Pop
1 Bag of Espresso Ground Coffee
1 Bag of Legacy Coffee Ground
1 Tall Can of Original Wafer Chips
1 Tall Can of Sour Cream Wafer Chips
1 Can of Origin Nuts and Dried Fruit
1 Small package of Orange berry gum
1 Pack of Universe Gum Horizon Berry

Technical Details
20 Meshes
High quality Texture sets – all 2048
Optimized for games but also used for arch viz
Fully detailed models from all sides
Free of all legal issues; everything is custom
Channel packed Metallic | Roughness | Ambient Occlusion
SM_ChipClassic_01a: 287
SM_ChipsFlaminHot_01a: 287
SM_ChipsHoneyBBQ_01a: 287
SM_ClausBierBeer_01a: 726
SM_ClausBierCan_01a: 1093
SM_FloorBlock_01a: 88
SM_GammaBox_01a: 726
SM_LitLit_01a: 726
SM_PotatoChipBagLarge_01a: 286
SM_SnackCrate_01a: 1953
SM_SnackLid_01a: 1666
SM_SodaPop_01a: 1093
SM_WaferCrisps_01a: 1473
SM_WaferSourcream_01a: 1473
SM_TwinBar_01a: 415
SM_Coffeebag_01a: 1064
SM_Coffeebag_02a: 1064
SM_GummiOrange_01a: 1247
SM_UniverseGum_01a: 524
SM_MixedNuts_01a: 983
LODs: Base LOD only
Numbers of Meshes: 20
Number of Materials and Instances: 20


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