Simple Waypoint System (v5.5.2)

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Version v5.5.1Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


Used by thousands of developers, Simple Waypoint System allows you to create paths right within the editor, then tell any game object to follow your path via movement scripts.

✅ Linear, curved, bezier and NavMesh paths
✅ Movement scripts with various loop types
✅ Orientation to paths, delays, reverse & more
✅ Tween movement makes use of DOTween (included)
✅ NavMesh movement using Unity Navigation
✅ Call own methods at waypoints with UnityEvents
✅ Waypoint Rotation Mode: orient objects to waypoint rotations
✅ Mecanim Animator Controller support
✅ Advanced example scenes, fully documented in code
✅ Quick start docs get you going right away

10 Example Scenes
⭐ Spline paths, Bezier paths, NavMesh paths
⭐ Advanced samples, Events, Waypoint Rotation
⭐ Player Input, Camera Input, Rapid Input
⭐ Runtime API

Technical details
Includes the free version of DOTween.


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