Simple UDP TCP Socket Server v1.51 (5.1)

Asset Version  v1.51 (5.1)Link 1 | Link 2 


Simple UDP TCP Socket Server. Easy to use TCP and UDP Sockets in Blueprints.

Technical Details
Epic only allows updates for the newest three engine versions. There might be features missing in older engine versions. Contact me if you are unsure.
Send and receive Bytes or Text (UTF-8*) over UDP and TCP
Runs asynchronously in own threads (Don’t affect game performance)
Blueprint independent
Multiple servers simultaneously possible
IPv4 and IPv6
AES encryption and decryption
File sending and receiving over TCP (without RAM consumption)
RCON Protocol
Different directory and file blueprint nodes
Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
Tested with various Thirdparty Clients and thousands of connections simultaneously


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