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This pack contains self generating levels. These can also be set manually. Developers can use this template to create Shoot em up arena type games. The logic can potentially spawn thousands of actors.

Game play events such as spawning more enemies or lighting effects are synchronized to musical events. There are two example tracks, one of which has been cut up into two and four bar loops to further demonstrate synchronizing music with events and visuals.

Developers are able to experiment with public variables to meet their own game play needs and experiment with levels of difficulty. The difficulty level increases as the player progresses. Developers can adjust the difficulty level for their own needs.

As the player progresses additional modules and play areas are added and when the player has lost (time or lives have ran out) the spawned actors are destroyed and the game is reset back to the starting level. It should be easy to develop addictive and challenging game play using the logic provided. There Is a basic high score feature which developers could further develop. Players can challenge themselves with attaining the new high score.

The graphics and play dynamics can be easily changed for developers own needs and there is notation throughout explaining the logic.

Technical Details
From the Master Controller Blueprint developers should follow the logic to develop their own projects.
The example Map: Level 1 spawns 256 actors, once they and any subsequent spawned enemies are clear an additional 256 actors are spawned for level 2. The Controller Blueprint and HUD track how many actors the player needs to kill to proceed (now 512). The level of difficulty increases for level 2 and so and so forth until all the players lives have gone. There is lots of scope for changing all the dynamics.
Number of Blueprints:
2 Character Blueprints (Player and Enemy)
1 Skeletal Mesh
1 Skeletal mesh Body
27 Blueprints in total including:
1 Ai Controller,
1 Behaviour Tree
1 Blackboard,
1 Game Instance,
1 Save Game,
1 Game Mode,
1 Structure,
1 Widget,
1 Master controller Blueprint
1 AiModule,
3 Interfaces,
7 Enums
4 Maps
2 Level Sequences
29 Materials including 6 Master Materials
19 Meshes
49 Textures including
16 Wav files
16 Sound Cues
Input: keyboard is preconfigured
Network Replicated: No


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