Seamless – Procedural Texture Builder (v3.1.0)

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Seamless is a node-based procedural texture builder. Whether you want to achieve cartoon or photorealistic textures, everything is possible.

What is the difference between a Texture editor and Shader Graph or other node-based shader editors?

Writing a custom shader for many object in a scene is not always great ; sometimes custom shaders can fail building on specific platforms, be unnecessarily slow and are not always cross pipeline compatible.

The output of a texture editor is one or more textures in PNG format, not a shader.

It means that you can use these textures with Unity default materials and get profit of the cross platform garantee and great performances on any pipeline.

As the generated texture are PNG, you can use them in custom shaders too, or non unity related purposes such as making a logo.

Why chose seamless over any other procedural texture creator?
☑ It works natively on any Unity version newer than 2020.3 and on any render pipeline.
☑ It is a lightweight asset without any external dependencies.
☑ It comes with unique primitives such as Squircle, warped noise and many more.
☑ It is FAST.
☑ It supports non-square textures, and makes it easy to work with them.
☑ It is integrated in the Unity editor offering the fastest workflow possible.
☑ Comes with a great set of exclusive textures, including the graphs to modify them.

Technical details
Supports any texture size starting from 8×8
All textures are exported in PNG
Based on the low-level UnityEditor API


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