SciFi Military APC

Asset Version (4.16 – 4.27)Click Here


This Armored Personnel Carrier is perfect for RTS and Third Person experiences.
It comes with a fully Drivable Pawn Blueprint with 6 wheeled suspension, a customizable material, and interactive weapons that animate appropriately with aim.

The roof attachments & weapons included are the following:
Optical Zoom
Ammo Pack
Machine Gun
Machine Gun X2
Missile Launcher

The roof attachments can be quickly changed using integer variables for front and back weapon slots, and the Missile launcher shoots a missile projectile that explodes with radial force upon impact. The explosion and bullet tracing use placeholders so you can easily add your own effects.
The APC also comes with two textured material options: Plain & Camouflaged. The materials can quickly be changed from the blueprint panel with an abundance of variables.

The package additionally includes a Static version of the Pawn blueprint for level props, allowing you to bake lighting on the APC. This blueprint comes with the interchangeable accessory variables and material controls.

Technical Details
SciFi Military APC Skeletal Mesh with a 6 wheel suspension setup in the Animation Blueprint
SciFi Military APC Drivable Pawn Blueprint, with interchangeable roof attachments & cosmetic settings
SciFi Military APC Static Mesh Blueprint with interchangeable roof attachments & cosmetic settings
SciFi Military APC Chassis Static Mesh
Wheel Static Mesh
6 Roof Attachment Static Meshes with separate Barrels for vertical and horizontal aiming (9 Static Meshes total)
2 Antenna Static Meshes
1 Missile Static Mesh
Missile Projectile Blueprint
Explosion Placeholder Blueprint
Smooth Flying Spectator Pawn for viewing models
2 Demonstration Levels: one for test-driving and one for viewing baked lighting models
Number of Textures: 16
Texture Sizes:
4096 x 1
2048 x 10
512 x 3
256 x 2
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated
Vertex Count: 16,081
LODs: 3 for SciFi Military APC, and 1-2 for attachments.
Number of Meshes: 15
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 9
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64bit & 32bit, SteamVR, Oculus Rift, PS4, XBox One


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