Scary Shark Assets

Scary shark mesh, rigged and ragdoll ready. Includes cage dive scene, character and waypoint blueprints.

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Scary Shark character, rigged and ragdoll ready. Can be used as scenery or character blueprints. Comes along with Shark Cage mesh, dive scene, character blueprint, swim/bite animations and more.
• Rigged Mesh
• Ragdoll Ready Physics Asset
• Shark Cage Mesh
• Water Shader
• Animations
• Blueprints
• Shark character map
• Shark dive map

Technical Details
• Shark_BiteChew
• Shark_BiteChomp
• Shark_GracefulSwim
• Shark_TorpedoSwim
• Shark_SwimBlend
• Shark Animation Blueprint
• Shark Waypoint Blueprint
• Cage Dive Blueprint
• Controlled Shark Blueprint
• Water Blueprint(Adjustable underwater and surface appearance)
Example Maps:
• Shark character scene
• Shark dive scene
Number of characters:1
Triangles: 35,204
Vertices: 19256
Main Texture Resolution: 4096×4096
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Animated: Yes


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