Runtime Editor (v3.5.3)

Version v3.5.3: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3


Runtime Editor is the set of scripts and prefabs which help you to create scene editor, game level editor or build your own modeling application. It supports drag & drop, undo & redo and selection api. To implement user interface and core functions runtime editor use transform-handles, gizmos, save load subsystem and three controls: menu, virtualizing tree view and dock panels.

♥ Position, Rotation, Scale transform handles;
♥ Grid, Box Selection, Scene Gizmo;
♥ Transform Handles Mobile & AR Core support;
♥ Global & Local coordinates;
♥ Local & Center pivot point modes;
♥ Vertex & Grid snapping;
♥ Gizmos for Colliders, Lights and Audio Sources;
♥ Scene navigation, Orthographic & Perspective view;
♥ Undo & Redo API;
♥ Object Selection API;
♥ Object life-cycle events;
♥ Play & Edit mode;
♥ Configurable Inspector;
♥ Component & Material editors;
♥ 20+ Built-in property editors;
♥ Add Component control;
♥ Multiple Scenes and Cameras support;
♥ Dock Panels & Windows management;
♥ Dialogs, Message Boxes, Confirmations;
♥ Easy to extend with new windows;
♥ Configurable Main & Context Menu;
♥ Fast Virtualizing Tree View;
♥ Configurable Save & Load subsystem;
♥ Easy to use Project API.
♥ Static and Dynamic Assets support;
♥ Asset Bundles support;
♥ Multiple Projects support;
♥ Ability to edit components of multiple selected objects;
♥ Universal Render Pipeline support;
♥ HD Renderer Pipeline support (Beta).

This asset uses:
♥ Roslyn .NET compiler under MIT License;
♥ HSV Color Picker under MIT License;
♥ NavMeshComponents under MIT License;
♥ protobuf-net under Apache License, Version 2.0;
♥ SharpZipLib under MIT License.


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