Realistic Windows with Fake interiors

Custom material for high-performance windows with fake interiors

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Add superfast fake-3d interiors to your buildings!
Custom material shader for your outside windows solution. Fake cubemap interiors, day+night versions.

Technical Details
Highly optimized performance, suitable for mobile and VR – only 1 draw call for any number of windows with a simple 236 instructions shader
Supports Ray Tracing
Custom material shader for your outside windows solution
100% fake interiors
Reflections support (Screenspace Reflections, Raytracing or Planar Reflection)
Day + Night version included (16 random rooms total (8 day and 8 night)
100% procedural parametrized curtains and blinds
Cubemap texture exposed as Material Instance Parameter – so you can easily import your own interiors
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances: 8
Number of Textures: 11
Number of Meshes: 2
Texture Resolutions: 4K + 512


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