Realistic VR Doors: Physics-based & Parameterised

Add more immersion to your VR project through realistically behaving doors and hand-to-door interactions.

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Would you like to achieve more immersion and realistically behaving doors for your VR adventure game or ArchViz project? Doors play a central role in VR games, yet their function is often reduced to just separating streamed sub-levels or they are opening themselves with animated self-rotating handle grips, the actual character hand being nowhere near. This not only breaks immersion but also misses the chance of allowing character-door interaction itself to become a fun gameplay element! (Imagine hearing vicious zombies approaching from behind while you are fiddling with a key in the lock 🙂
This pack aims to add more immersion to your project by having more realistically behaving doors (handles, locks, physics, dynamic creaking sounds, etc) and natural feeling, 6DoF motion-based character hand-to-door interactions.
Designed with flexibility in mind, the user just plugs in the desired door 3d mesh, sets a few parameters and in-built functions transform and arrange all components according to an inherent door conceptual model at construction time.
A scalable VR interaction framework (and pawn) is included. It extends from the grab-picking functionality in Epic’s VR template and ties this with interacting and activating such interactables using pickup actors on them (e.g. key on lock).
Note that the great majority of the 3D assets are included for demo purposes only, courtesy of Epic Games, while there are also some unique models (e.g. handles). (Beware, I am no great modeler, I offer Blueprints!)

Technical Details
Parameterised doors covering all normal use cases
Integrated VR interaction framework (grabbing, interacting, activating using object) and 6DoF interaction motions (handle press, key turn, etc.)
Adjustable IK hand effecting and hand planting
Handles, lock, key and other door parts
State-machine based physics enabling
Easy to plug in any 3D door model
Prediction-based length adjusting sounds
Utilizes interfaces over casting for inter-BP communication, avoiding hard references wherever possible
Unique keyholding hand pose
VR haptic effects
Example VR character (seated or non-seated mode, functions auto-adjust height)
Affordance and highlight material
Debugging functions
Built 100% in Blueprint, requiring no coding skills
Number of Blueprints: 1 gigantic, 2 large, 4 small, 5 data-only
Number of sound waves: 29 (44100 Hz)
Input: See documentation, actions: free locomotion, grab / interact, snap turn
Network Replicated: No(t yet)


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