Realistic Meadow 2021-Ground Vegetation

Create next-gen scenes with this collection of photo-scanned vegetation assets. Carefully crafted with great attention to detail and optimized for best performance.


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A collection of photo-scanned grass, flowers, and weeds to create realistic meadow scenes. Scanned from real-life plants and manually created in 3D with attention to detail. All models have multiple LODs to show detailed vegetation up-close and high-performant vegetation in the distance.
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Package Contents
This package contains 74 prefabs: 19 unique prefabs, each with 4 variants containing multiple scattered meshes. These scattered meshes are combined into a single mesh for best performance.
9x Grass
4x Flowers
5x Plants
See the screenshots above for a detailed look at each mesh.

Asset Details
All textures are 2K resolution.
Albedo, Normal, and packed Mask Map (for Metallic, Occlusion, Smoothness) included.
Triangles   · LOD0    · Lowest LOD
△ Grass   · 780     · 19
△ Flowers  · 760     · 54
△ Plants  · 300     · 35
Comes with Nature Shaders Essentials
Includes a collection of essential vegetation shaders that enable Wind Animations, Translucency, Color Variations, and more. These shaders have been used by over 30,000 developers, studios, and enterprises and are some of the most popular shaders in the store.
Optimized for Nature Renderer
Render vast amounts of vegetation on your terrain. The lead developer of Nature Renderer has worked together with the artist to optimize the meshes and materials in this pack for the best graphics and performance.


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