Real-time VFX in EmberGen and Unreal Engine 5

Learn how to create professional realtime VFX in EmberGen for Games

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Welcome to the EmberGen course! It’s great to see that you’re eager to learn this powerful real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll cover:

  • Introduction to EmberGen: You’ll get acquainted with the software, its features, and why it’s a valuable tool for game VFX artists. You’ll also explore the user interface and basic functionalities.
  • Flipbook Workflow: Learn how to use EmberGen’s flipbook workflow to generate game-ready flipbooks quickly. You’ll create fully assembled flipbooks and export them to game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity.
  • Looping Simulations: Discover how to create looping simulations effortlessly. This skill is essential for creating continuous and seamless effects like looping fire or smoke.
  • Importing Animated Meshes: Explore the process of importing animated meshes, such as FBX and Alembic files, into EmberGen. This enables you to incorporate animated elements into your simulations.
  • Exporting VDB Volumes: Learn how to export your effects as VDB volumes. This allows you to utilize the simulations in other 3D packages like Maya or Blender, expanding your workflow possibilities.
  • Simulation Speed and Shading: Understand and leverage the incredible simulation speed and high-quality shading capabilities of EmberGen. These features contribute to creating realistic and visually appealing effects.
  • Creating Realistic Game VFX: Dive into the creation of specific effects like smoke, fire, explosions, portals, and more. You’ll learn techniques and workflows to achieve professional and realistic game VFX using EmberGen.
  • Sprite Sheet Creation and Export: Master the process of creating sprite sheets from your EmberGen simulations. You’ll export them and integrate them into game engines like Unreal Engine 5 for real-time rendering.

This course is designed for complete beginners in EmberGen and game VFX artists who want to create realistic effects such as smoke, fire, and magic. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation in EmberGen and the skills to create stunning game VFX.

So, enroll in this course and start your journey to becoming a proficient game VFX artist using EmberGen!

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1. Introduction

1. Introduction
2. Quick tour
3. Creating the nodes from scratch
4. Voxels
5. Animating the shapes and parameters

2. Particles

1. Emission
2. Rendering the particles
3. Tips for increasing the performance
4. Flame thrower

3. Volume Emitter

1. Volume Emitter
2. Fire sword
3. Portal
4. Adding particles to the portal
5. Masking

4. Explosions

1. Creating your first explosion
2. Adding particles to the explosion
3. Shockwaves
4. Shape burst
5. Aerial ExplosionTrails
6. Aerial explosion creating the main burst
7. Aerial explosion Sparks
8. Ground explosions

5. Effects

1. Advanced parameters

Project Files: Link 1 Link 2


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