Rapier Anim Set

Version v1.2 Link1 Link2


Rapier Anim Set is included 108+ animation.
This asset is for action RPG with dynamic attacks & combos. Hand-crafted animations main character with Rapier & Paladin & stinger[A Sword Included.] action RPG game, main character who has special skills.

Dynamic Keyframe animation
Generic and Humanoid version included
Root motion and Inplace motion included
A T-pose included (humanoid folder)
Included all animation’s Animator Controller (humanoid)

Animation List
36 attacks (5 attacks, 6 combo, 21 Parts of combo, 4 stinger)
4 buff
4 avoid
10 dead
3 defense
2 dodge (front, back)
20 hit
2 idle
2 Jump
3 rise
3 equip/unequip
2 down idle (up, down)
1 sprint
8 move_run
8 move_walk

Update Note
1.2 – Cleaned up unnecessary folders and files & fixed addition GUID (2022/04/23)
1.1 – GUID conflict Fix & Character modeling change (2022/04/14)
1.0 – First Release (2019/07/02)



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