Quetzalcoatl the Snake God

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Size & Scale: Artisan Guild miniatures are larger than “Standard” 28/30mm scale minis and come in closer to Heroic scale at 32/34mm scale.
Clean Up & Paint Prep: Due to the nature of 3d printing, even on SLA/DLP printers, some clean up may be required. Similar to removing mold lines of cast minis a file/exacto can be used for final touches prior to painting. Some artifacts of the printing process may be present, if you ever have any questions about this, I’m always happy to help clarify. The vast majority of primers will work wonderfully on my miniatures. Assembly is easiest when using CA(super) glue. My preferred are the more liquid variants, most typically featuring small brushes or tips to allow for precision. In most instances, avoid gel variants as these tend to extrude far too much glue and be less precise.


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