Quest System

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A tag driven quest system with Customizable Indicators, Objectives, State Driven Events, Prerequisites, and Rewards Systems. Includes Save System, and Cross Level Support.

Technical Details
Actor Tag driven Quest Blueprint System
Multiple Quest Types
Customizable Indicators
Multiple Quests Per NPC (With priority indicator support)
Ability to create Prerequisites (to make quest chains).
Quest Rewards Integration Points (Choice Rewards, Guaranteed Rewards, Numeric Rewards)
Repeatable Quests (Custom styling and repeatable logic)
Quest Events (Drive Logic on Quest State Changes like giving quest items and playing cutscenes)
Includes 5 Quest Objectives (Travel to, Interact with, Collect/Pickup, Defeat, Give Item to)
Cross level support (start in one level, objectives and turn-in in another level)
Extensive Documentation
Includes all UIs and Demo World
Number of Blueprints: 51 total (29 Blueprint Actors, 9 Actor Components, 13 Widget Blueprints)
Input: Keyboard / Mouse
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes


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