Projectile Toolkit – Targeting and Trajectory Prediction

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🙋‍♂️ This physics toolkit is all you need to solve problems related to projectile motion.

Want to implement game mechanics based on projectile motion? Want enemy AI to use ranged weapons such as cannons, rocks or arrows to accurately hit targets? Want to have full control over jump motion of objects in games or animations without losing their physical properties? This toolkit has got you covered!

Projectile Toolkit is a physics toolkit that solves two key problems related to projectile motion: targeting algorithms for gravity-affected rigidbodies to hit the specified target, and trajectory prediction algorithms that predict and render the trajectory of a rigidbody.
⚡ Projectile Toolkit is extremly easy to use, and can be quickly integrated into existing projects.

🏆 Features:
– Flexible and Easy to Use, the core API is carefully-designed static methods, can be called directly from your scripts
– Super Fast, most algorithms don’t even touch trigonometric functions
– Works in both 3D and 2D, (works in 2D if only your game treats y as up axis)
– Works on all build platforms
– Plenty of inspirational demos (currently 3 demo scenes and 1 game). Great for both learning this toolkit and quick prototyping
– Full source code
– Detailed documentation
🎁 Bonuses:
Useful game toolkits such as:
★ explosion system
★ simple top-down character controller (character movement)

Technical details
🎯 Targeting algorithms:
Computation of a gravity-affected rigidbody to hit the specified target. Extremely easy to use, you just specify start point, end point, and one of the following:
Computes the launch Velocity by:
– Angle
– Height
– Time
– a coefficient of the quadratic function
– Speed
Computes the launch angle by:
– Speed
(NEW in 1.1) Computes the max range by:
– Elevation and Speed
API Reference
Use case comparison
☄️ Trajectory prediction:
– Predict the position of the projectile at a given time
– Predict the whole trajectory points
– (NEW in 1.1) Test if a given velocity can let a projectile to hit a given target
– (NEW in 1.1) Predict the flight time
– Tarjectory Predictor, an easy to use component to predict and render the trajectory.
• Fully customizable line style
• Two template styles provided: dash, slash


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