Procedural Circular Health and Progress Bars Pro (New Update)

New Update: Click here
Version v8.6 Link 1 Link 2
Version v8.5 Link 1 Link 2
Version v7.1: Click Here
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Satisfy all your circular progress bar needs with this versatile asset for ALL RPs!
WARNING: Updating to version 8.0 will break your progress bars from earlier versions.
NEW: Compound Progress Bars Combine any amount of progress bars into a single progress bar to achieve otherwise impossible shapes!

Easy to Use Simply add the prefab to your scene or add the script to a GameObject and you are good to go! Use pre-made methods to add/remove or set progress in percent or custom values!

Fully Customizable With a total of 61 properties (and more to come), customize your progress bar to your heart’s content. Set various colors, add a border, add noise, add textures, make the progress bar pulse when beyond a certain threshold, and much more.

Segmented! You can set a segment count for your progress bars! You can have no segments or many, depending on your needs. This also affects the progress bar values. So if you have 5 segments, removing 2.5 segments sets your progress bar to half.
Custom Width at any Location Customize the width of your progress bars at any location with the help of a curve!
UI and non-UI Works with SpriteRenderer or Image Components! Completely automatically!

Texture Support Customize your progress bars with textures that can either follow the flow of the progress bar or tile regularly!
Gradient Support Have your progress bar transition from color to color based on different parameters!
Arcing Support Set a custom arc and radius parameter to determine the roundness of your progress bar.
Supports all Rendering Pipelines Use whatever RP you want, and the asset should just work. Even if you switch RPs back and forth.
Easy scripting with Manager class Simply access your progress bars by name (or reference) from anywhere and change whatever you want!


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