Ornate Gothic Dome

A Gothic style circular platform for showcasing your assets. Demo Scene Included.

Free Download: Click here


This is a circular indoor dome environment, which can be used as a platform for showcasing and rendering your unique one-off assets such as luxury vehicles, hero trees, monster/demon models, character models, architecture props, etc.

Think of it as a background stage to show off your work in Unreal Engine.
To use the assets, make sure they are located at position 0,0,0. Duplicate & Rotate the assets by angle of 15/30 deg to get your circular shape. Some of the static meshes are combined with spot-lights and point lights and turned into Blueprints for ease of use.

Technical Details
Update V2.0
Hierarchial Instanced Static Meshes: Optimized Performance (Twice the Frame Rate)
New Color Scheme
Updated Materials (Wood, Fabric, Marble & Metal)
Better & More Optimized Lighting System
12 meshes for building your Indoor Dome Environment
Fully Customizable Material Instances
RGB Masks, Dirt Masks and AO Maps available
Simple Blueprints for the Roof Chandelier and the Dome Assets
17 seamless uniquely created textures using Substance Designer like Concrete, Fabric, Marble, Metal & Wood.
Texture Sizes:
8x AO Textures – 2048×2048
2x Baked Normal Maps – 4096×4096
1x Baked Normal Maps – 2048×2048
17x Seamless Base Texture Maps – 2048×2048
14x RGB Masks – 2048×2048
1x RGB Mask – 1024×1024
8x RGB Masks – 4096×4096
Collision: Yes, Automatically Generated
Vertex Count: 3k – 357k
LODs: Yes, Generated LODs for each mesh
Number of Meshes: 12
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 16 Materials, 17 Material Instances, 1 Material Function
Number of Textures: 51
Number of Blueprints: 6



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