Multiplayer Inventory – Drag & Drop

Easy to use & Customizable Multiplayer Inventory System. Convince yourself by playing the Demo!

Free Download: Click here


With this customizable, flexible and advanced inventory system, you can easily add as many items as you want. In addition, it contains a complex crafting system. You can also use this inventory as a starter kit for your next game. If you are still unsure download the Demo.

Easily add new items with an Item Table
Integration into your project in a few minutes
Item info when hovering
Stacks in a defined size
Swap items of different IDs
Split items in half with LeftShift + Drag
Drop system
Pick up when you focus an item
Pick up from the ground (items that are near the player): Slider to pick up a part
Pick up with the Auto Pick up Mode
Hotbar: show items in the hand of the player if the slot is selected
Equip with Drag and Drop or with the RightClickMenu
Add as many slots as you like
Advanced crafting system with categories, a search and a queue
Replicated chest system: custom slot amount and starting items (random sorting, probability that an item appears)
Save, Load inventory slots/chests
Consume items and durability for items

Technical Details
New Features in v 1.6
Player to Player trading
…more details and a complete feature list are following soon
New Features in v 1.5
Campfire (easy o change amount of cooking/fuel/content slots)
Backpack (set slot amount in ItemTable)
Simple Third Person Shooter to show how it’s connected with the inventory + weapon info & ammo system
Lootboxes: hold a key to open -> drops items or adds them directly to the inventory
a few bug fixes (ask me for details)
and other small adjustments
Network Replicated: Yes
Number of Widget Blueprints: 29
Number of Blueprints: 19
Static Meshes: 14


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