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Asset Version v3 (5.0+): Click here


Version 3 is out now! –> Trailer
This comes as a free update to the owners of Version 2!!! Version 2 is still available here for UE4 (Trailer)
NOTE: V3 is only compatible with UE 5.0 and upwards. V2 works with UE 4.24 and upwards.

Kickstart your game. If you want to create a singleplayer game with objectives or multiplayer carnage, the MP System is for you. Simply jump in and add your work. It includes Menus, fully replicated blueprints and a setup for match making with “Free for All” as the example game mode. This can readily be modified into other game modes, such as COOP.

The Version 3 update is a milestone for the system. Not only is it a switch to UE5, but also a complete revamp. All the Blueprint code has been rewritten and optimized, while adding tons of new features.

True Multiplayer:
It goes from being multiplayer ready system to being a real multiplayer game with server browser and hosting capabilities. You can opt into Steam integration (a working Steam account is required) to quickly launch your own matches. Everything is fully replicated and has been tried and tested.
With “Free for all” as the main multiplayer game mode, you can battle it out to the top of the scoreboard. You can also play the singleplayer map in “COOP” destroying targets together. At the same time, singleplayer with missions and objectives is also supported.

The MP System just became your one stop solution for your game. Not only is it the only product that brings in depth shooting mechanics with believable anims to the replicated scene, but it now also provides a deep menu system using UE’s widgets in a sleek minimalistic design. Browse the main menu, select a map for single player gameplay or host / search for games. Edit keybindings, volume and graphics as well as gameplay features in settings.

Furthermore, the movement capabilities have been upped. Strafing & sprinting is smoother as well as crouching and leaning. Turn in place with foot-locking has been added. You can now jump without the need for animations, but watch for fall damage. The entire AnimBP has received a deeper integration with anim layers and blendables to create smooth animations in any situation.

Weapons & Attachments:
The existing weapons have received some polish in the handling, animation and sound department. The recoil system has been completely reworked. Same goes for the attachment system, which also has an easy UI integration. Furthermore, new attachments have been added (a compensator, foregrip and most noticeably a sniper scope). The reticle is fully & easily customizable with material instances. Alongside the scope comes a futuristic bolt-action sniper rifle with long range ammunition. This lead to the addition of physicalized bullets with bullet drop.

A new one time use healing syringe has been added to the equipment roster, alongside a trusty knife and highly explosive fragmentation grenades.

Third Person:
Even though first person shooting is the mainstay of the MP System, the third person perspective has received some attention as well. Since FPP & TPP share the same animations, additive animations exclusive to the TPP were added to make them more natural. Additionally, a smooth camera system allows you to stay on target.

Deeper integration with the environment is achieved with different surfaces. Now you can feel the difference between metal and wood when walking and shooting. Not only does the surface affect the sound and impact FX, but also the penetrability to bullets. Another factor that plays into this is the thickness of the surface. So don’t feel save behind some plywood wall.

To bring home the sheer size of the MP System, one tiny map wouldn’t do. So 3 new Maps have been added. “Test” simply showcases the the above mentioned features and allows you to test your own additions. “Port” is the map to play “free for all” against your friends in a medium sized contained 3 lane map. The design is simple to focus on the action. “Proving Grounds” is the singleplayer map to test out the guns and show, who is the fastest on the obstacle course. It also serves as a stress test to your system, since it contains thousands of grass patches with high fidelity.

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